About Christine Cain

Christine Cain, MA, LMFT, CCTP, is Executive Clinical Director of the Ketamine Trauma Program at Restoration Psychiatry. As well as having advanced training in multiple cutting-edge trauma modalities, Christine is a certified Clinical Trauma Specialist, certified EMDR practitioner, and a certified Brainspotting consultant. Currently she is finishing her PHD research in the clinical application of neuroendocrine gender-divergence within the trauma response. Working in partnership with Dr. Saah, Restoration Psychiatry Ketamine Trauma Program employs a unique protocol developed by Christine Cain, based on extensive research into trauma studies, psychedelic research, and brain science.


Master’s Level Certificate in Trauma Studies (John F. Kennedy University)
10 classes delivering 30 master level credit hours in trauma treatment (three years)
Assessment and treatment Planning for Trauma Treatment
Neurobiology of Trauma
Attachment and Developmental Approaches to Trauma
Legal and Ethical Issues in Trauma Treatment
Foundations of Trauma Studies
Somatic Approaches to Trauma
Working with Trauma in Family Systems
Approaches to Trauma and PTSD
Art Bases Trauma Interventions
Systemic Trauma

Internal Family Systems
Foundations of the IFS model: IFS Circle (6 Month intensive, IFS Institute)
Master’s Class: IFS in Action with Trauma and PTSD
The Treatment of Trauma and the Internal Family Systems Model
Working with Exiles & the Trauma Behind the Rage (IFS Institute)
Internal Family Systems and the Integrations of Neuroscience and Trauma Treatment
Harmony Within with IFS: Embracing Transformation through IFS (Dick Schwartz and Jeanne Catanzaro, Ph.D.)
Treating Complex PTSD with IFS (Frank Anderson, MD)
Three years of personal psychotherapy with Trained, Level 3, IFS therapist.
Ongoing IFS consultation with Level 3 certified IFS Trainer

EMDR Training; Part 1 (Philip Manfield, Ph.D)
EMDR Training; Part 2 (Philip Manfield, Ph.D)
EMDR Certified Therapist

IFS informed EMDR 
IFS informed EMDR (Bruce Hersey, LCSW; EMDRIA Institute)
IFS-Informed EMDR: The Internal Family Systems Interweave (Bruce Hersey, LCSW; Syzygy Institute)
7 hours individual clinical supervision (Bruce Hersey, LCSW) 

EMDR; Flash Technique
Memory Reconsolidation, the Flash Technique and EMDR (Philip Manfield, Ph.D)
Advanced Memory Reconsolidation, the Flash Technique and EMDR (Philip Manfield, Ph.D)

EMDR for Complex and Pre-Verbal Trauma
When There are No Words: EMDR for Early Trauma And Neglect Held in Implicit Memory (Saundra Paulsen, Ph.D.)

Brain Spotting
Brain Spotting Level 1 (David Grand Ph.D., Lisa Larson, LMFT)
Brain Spotting Level 2 ( Lisa Larson, LMFT)
Brainspotting Intensive (Kelley Larson, LMFT)
Brainspotting Certified Consultant

Certified Clinical Trauma Professional
Dr. Robert Rhoton and Dr. Eric Gentry

Perspectives and Interventions
Healing the Fragmented Self after Trauma (Janina Fisher, Ph.D.)
Trauma, Dissociation and the Body: a Sensorimotor Approach (Pat Ogden, Ph.D.)
Gestalt therapy for Restoring Balance and Finding Inner Peace (Srini Katragadda, Ph.D.)

Process Therapy Institute
Basic Process (one year)
Process Therapy Supervision (two years)

Sandtray Experiential Therapy (Dr. Dee Preston-Dillon)
Sandtray Training Institute: Competencies in Sand: Principle, Practices and Presence (in process)

Psychedelics and Ketamine for Trauma Treatment
Psychedelic Assisted Therapy with IFS (Dick Schwartz)
No Bad Parts: Integrating Internal Family Systems (IFS) with Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy (Dick Schwartz)
Psychedelics in Therapy: MDMA, Psilocybin, Ketamine, Micro-Dosing (Pesi)
MDMA-Assisted Psychotherapy (Michael Mithoefer MD, Annie Mithoefer BSN & Ron Siegel PsyD)
The Healing & Transformational Power of Music: Creating Music for Psychedelic-Assisted Psychotherapy (Mendel Kaelen, PhD & Fleet Maull, PhD)
When Psychedelics Hurt: Psychedelic Unpleasant Experiences as a Pathway to Healing (Gabor Mate, M.D.)
Evidence-Based Therapy Practices in Psilocybin-Assisted Interventions (Matthew Johnson, PhD)
The Internal Family Systems Approach to Psychedelic Experiences (Dick Schwartz)